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Automatic Knife and Power Tool Sterilizers

For knives and power tools commonly used in meat fabrication and production

Reduce water and energy costs by more than 90%

Stop wasting water and energy with continuous overflow hot water sterilizer basins! The Econoliser automatic sterilizer uses approximately 4.5-oz of water per sterilization cycle. 

IPPE 2021

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....stand-alone pushbutton operated stations / automatic high-capacity walk-through systems

Hand Wash Stations

....single or multi-station sinks / automatic sensor or knee valve operation / wall or pedestal mounted

Hand Sanitizer Stations

industrial duty

touch-free / wall or pedestal mounted / with or without access control turnstiles

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integrated hand wash, hand dry, hand sanitize, footwear cleaning, and employee access control turnstile


Horizon Equipment Company distributes industrial hygiene and sanitation equipment serving the North and South American markets.

What we offer:

Exceptional product quality – our hygiene equipment is manufactured to the highest engineering and quality standards. Product quality is second to none!

Best in class reliability – all equipment we supply is industrial duty, made of 304 stainless-steel, and built to last in harsh environments such as a meat processing facility.

Single source supplier – our product line is broad and deep. We supply most if not all products to complete a project.

Commitment – we are committed to help organizations acheive best practice hygiene excellence!

If you need help with your hygiene project please do not hesitate to contact us at: