Econoliser Sterilizers

Automatic knife and power tool sterilizers for meat harvest and fabrication facilities.

Benefits vs. continuous overflow hot water sterilizers:

Dramatically Reduces Water Usage
Reduces Operating Costs by more than 90%
Environmentally Friendly
Proven commercial sterilization
Reduces Condensation
Knives and Power Tools are left Cleaner
Knives do not Lose Sharpness

Footwear Hygiene Equipment

….boot and work shoe cleaning and sanitizing stations, sinks, mats and trays

Hand Hygiene Equipment

….single or multi-station sinks / hand sanitizing stations / hand dryers

Hygiene Stations

….hand wash, dry, and sanitize, boot and work shoe cleaning, and employee access control integrated into one station.


IPPE 2021

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January 25 – 27, 2022

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