Walk-thru soles-only

The Sole-Star Ecoline quickly cleans and sanitizes boot and work shoe soles. Automatic walk-thru system with a throughput of up to 40 employees a shift. Entering system activates brush rotation and dispenses cleaning solution and sanitizer.

Brush modules available in multiple lengths
Hygienic design, 304 Stainless Steel construction, sanitary welds
Tool-less brush removal for easy clean and inspection
Long-life wear resistant components

ModelL x W X H (mm)Brush Length (mm)Item No.
800-Right1410 x 860 x 130040011100838
800-Left1410 x 860 x 130040011100839
1100-Right1710 x 860 x 130070011100840
1100-Left1710 x 860 x 130070011100841
1500-Right2110 x 860 x 1300110011100842
1500-Left2110 x 860 x 1300110011100843
2000-Right2610 x 860 x 1300160011100844
2000-Left2610 x 860 x 1300160011100845