Econoliser Knife and Tool Sterilizers

Save up to 95% in operating costs vs. continuous flow hot water sterilizers!

Econolizer knife and tool sterilizers quickly sterilize protein processing tools such as knives, brisket saws, carcass splitters, dehiders, hock cutters and meat trimmers. Eliminates up to 99.99% of harmful pathogens. 

Econoliser Twin knife sterilizer

Knife Sterilizer

Brisket Saw Sterilizer

Brisket Saw Sterilizer

Carcass Splitter Sterilizer

Carcass Splitter Sterilizer

Econoliser Whizard Trimmer Sterilizer

Meat Trimmer Sterilizer

Econoliser hock cutter sterilizer

Hock Cutter Sterilizer

Econoliser knife sterilizer spray nozzles

Custom Sterilizers

Econoliser Advantages

  • Eco-friendly – dramatically reduces water consumption
  • Operating cost reduction – reduce water and energy costs by as much as 95%
  • ROI – for large processing facilities ROI can be within 6-months
  • Safer – eliminates exposure to 185 deg F hot water and water is not spilled onto floor
  • Hygienic – surface scum is eliminated, no residual water left in system
  • Knives are not dulled due to annealing

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