Econoliser - Electric Splitting Saw Sterilizer

Econoliser Benefits

Efficacy – tools are sterilized with > 180 deg F water, achieves commercial sterilization.

Water Cost Savings – consumes up to 95% less water!

Energy Cost Savings – less water consumed equals less energy required to heat the water.

Safety – eliminates employee burns as there is no exposure to scalding water.

Additional benefits include

Does not release steam into surrounding environment.

No scum buildup or residual water left in system.

Does not use chemicals or harmful ozone.

Does not require a tool cleaning step or potable water rinse after sterilization.

TypeVersionItem No.
Jarvis buster 4 c/w high-pressure rinseElectric controls, internal water heaterS-BT04-E01-002
Jarvis buster 5 c/w high-pressure rinseElectric controls, internal water heaterS-BT05-E01-002
Kentmaster carcass splitting saw C/W high-pressure rinse (BM-V-SD & SDB)Electric controls, internal water heaterS-BT06-E01-002