Employee Hygiene Equipment

Stand-alone pushbutton operated stations to automatic high throughput walk-thru systems, up to 250 employees a shift

Single and multi-station hand wash sinks, knee valve or touch-free sensor activation, wall or frame/pedestal mount

Hand sanitizer stations, touch-free sensor activated, employee access control turnstiles, wall and floor mount

High-speed hand dryers, touch-free sensor activated, quick second drying time. Paper towel dispensers

Integrated systems including hand sanitizing, footwear cleaning, and locking turnstile access control in one unit

Single lane wall or pedestal mount, drop arm, and portal turnstiles. Pass-through barriers, emergency exit routes

Handrials with vertical or horizontal rails, bypass gates, exit route bypass gates. Available in many lengths

Dispensers, waste paper baskets, mirrors, pedestal mounts, chemical container holders, document trays, wall spacers.