Footwear Hygiene

Work shoe soles-only cleaning and sanitizing.

Stand-alone, push-button operation. 

Walk-thru, automatic touch-free operation. 

High capacity, walk-thru, automatic touch-free operation.  

Boot soles and sides cleaning and sanitizing.

Stand-alone, push-button operation. 

Walk-thru, push-button operation.  

High capacity, walk-thru, automatic operation. 

Clean either boots or work-shoes, with seperate entrances. 

Boot and apron cleaning.

Manual cleaning station with brush and spray nozzle.

Manual cleaning station combined with automatic sole cleaning module.

Manual cleaning station combined with automatic boot cleaning module.

Wall mount manual cleaning station with automatic chemical dosing

Shoe sanitizer mats and trays.


Sanitizer mat for footwear soles-only. 6 standard sizes.


Sanitizer tray for footwear soles-only. 304 stainless steel, hygienic construction. 

Mobile disinfection tray for footwear soles-only and equipment wheels. 


Chemical dosing station - automatically fills sanitizer solution.

Industrial duty equipment used to clean and sanitize footwear soles-only or boot soles and sides up to 11-inches. Stand-alone stations and fully automatic, bi-directional, walk-through systems. Sanitizer and cleaning solution are automatically dosed. Push-button manual or touch-free sensor operation. Horizontal and/or vertical brushes dependent on model. Multiple brush sizes to optimize cleaning and sanitizing. Motor torque-brake, e-stop, no pinch points and grate latches ensure employee safety. 

All equipment feature:

  • Corrosion resistant 304 stainless steel construction
  • Sanitary welds and no hidden areas in tub, will not trap particles and debris, eliminating harborage points for pathogens
  • Tool-free disassembly and open design for easy inspect and wash-down
  • IP65 wash-down protection
  • Long-life wear parts