Automatic or Manual Boot and Apron Cleaning

Heavy duty 304 stainless steel construction
Stainless steel rear panel with spreader hook for aprons
Water spray nozzle and water-fed handbrush for pre-cleaning
Floor mount with height adjustable feet

STWA-I: Entry level
STWA-II: Includes automatic sole cleaning module
STWA-III: Includes automatic boot cleaning module
STWA-IV: Wall mount with Venturi chemical dosing

TypeVersionDimensions W x D x H (mm)Item No.
STWA-IEntry-level1050 x 540 x 185016000009
STWA-IISole cleaning module1450 x 580 x 202516100000
STWA-IIIBoot cleaning module1700 x 630 x 202516100001
STWA-IVWall mount w/chemical dosing station1400 x 582 x 185016000017