Hand Hygiene

Industrial hand washing, sanitizing and drying equipment

Single and multi-station hand wash sinks, knee valve or touch-free sensor activation, wall or frame/pedestal mount

Hand sanitizer stations, touch-free sensor activated, employee controlled access turnstile

High-speed hand dryers, touch-free sensor activated, quick second drying time. Roll and folded paper towel dispensers.

Hand Hygiene Equipment:

Industrial quality single and multi-station hand wash sinks, complete hand hygiene stations, hand sanitizer stations, employee controlled access systems and high-speed hand dryers. 

Hygienic designs including:

  • Touch-free operation, sensor integrated into faucet
  • Corrosion resistant 304 stainless steel construction
  • Sanitary welds, R20 radiused interior joints and no hidden areas that will trap particles and debris – eliminates harborage points for pathogens
  • Automatic bacteria flushing system (Anti-legionella) 
  • Interior surfaces angled inward and lowered faucet to reduce splashing
  • IP65 wash-down protection
  • Wall spacers for access and cleaning

All equipment is manufactured with the highest quality standards, industrial duty components and long-life wear parts in order to survive the high-volume throughputs and demanding environment found in the largest manufacturing facilities.