Stainless-steel safety railing

G-II stainless-steel safety railing is used to guide employees through hygiene stations in proper sequence or as a barrier.

Hygienic, sanitary welded, heavy duty stainless-steel pipe construction
Vertical midrails
2 welded, 4-hole, floor mount flanges
2,000-mm length and above includes 3 floor mount flanges
Can be customized

G-II 96/020vertical midrails200 mm
G-II 96/030vertical midrails300 mm
G-II 96/040vertical midrails400 mm
G-II 96/050vertical midrails500 mm
G-II 96/060vertical midrails600 mm
G-II 96/070vertical midrails700 mm
G-II 96/080vertical midrails800 mm
G-II 96/090vertical midrails900 mm
G-II 96/100vertical midrails1000 mm
G-II 96/110vertical midrails1100 mm
G-II 96/120vertical midrails1200 mm
G-II 96/130vertical midrails1300 mm
G-II 96/140vertical midrails1400 mm
G-II 96/150vertical midrails1500 mm
G-II 96/160vertical midrails1600 mm
G-II 96/170vertical midrails1700 mm
G-II 96/180vertical midrails1800 mm
G-II 96/190vertical midrails1900 mm
G-II 96/200vertical midrails2000 mm
G-II 96/210vertical midrails2100 mm
G-II 96/220vertical midrails2200 mm
G-II 96/230vertical midrails2300 mm
G-II 96/240vertical midrails2400 mm
G-II 96/250vertical midrails2500 mm
G-II 96/260vertical midrails2600 mm
G-II 96/270vertical midrails2700 mm
G-II 96/280vertical midrails2800 mm
G-II 96/290vertical midrails2900 mm
G-II 96/300vertical midrails3000 mm