Stainless-steel safety railing

G-S stainless-steel safety railing is used to guide employees through hygiene stations in proper sequence or as a barrier.

Hygienic, sanitary welded, heavy duty stainless-steel pipe construction
Horizontal or vertical midrail, or splash guard
2 welded, 4-hole, floor mount flanges
Can be customized

G-S I 960/1000Horizontal midrail1000 mm960 mm
G-S I 1290/1000Horizontal midrail1000 mm1290 mm
G-S II 960/1000Vertical midrails1000 mm960 mm
G-S II 1290/1000Vertical midrails1000 mm1290 mm
G-S III 960/1000Splash guard1000 mm960 mm
G-S III 1290/1000Splash guard1000 mm1290 mm