Footwear Hygiene

Our footwear hygiene equipment will quickly remove soils and debris as well as sanitize work boots and shoes eliminating up to 99.99% of pathogens

Boot-Star-II walk through boot leaning machine, detail side view

Boot Washing Stations

Sole-Master HL with stand

Footwear Sole Cleaning Stations

STWA l boot wash sink

Boot Washing Sinks

DM shoe sanitizing mats

Footwear Sanitizing Mats and Trays

Footwear Hygiene

Our footwear hygiene equipment is available in multiple brush lengths and adjustable chemical dosing. As a result, cleaning and sanitizing footwear can be optimized for different levels of soil. 

Our well thought out industrial design feature no harborage areas for pathogens to collect and continuously welded 304 stainless-steel. Tool-free disassembly results in simple maintenance and makes equipment easy to inspect. IP65 protection ensures equipment will survive in harsh environments, for instance a food processing facility. Most importantly employee safety is safeguarded with motor torque-brake, e-stop, no pinch points, and grate latches. 

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