Boot and Work Shoe Cleaning and Sanitizing

Boot and Work Shoe Cleaning and Sanitizing

Boot Scrubber

Walk-thru Boot Scrubber 

High throughput Boot Wash Station

Combi boot and work shoe cleaning

Walk-thru soles-only

High throughput soles-only

Industrial Equipment

Ensure footwear is not a source for pathogen transmission where employee hygiene is critical.

The HEC line of boot wash stations and boot scrubbers include automatic high throughput systems to stand alone pushbutton operated stations. Boot washing systems are available in multiple brush lengths for varying contact time and automatic chemical mixing. All systems are compact, efficient and optimized to quickly and consistently clean and sanitize boot soles and sides every time. 

Well thought out hygienic designs feature no harborage areas for pathogens to collect and continuously welded 304 stainless-steel. Tool-free disassembly makes for simple maintenance and easy equipment inspection. Rated IP65, the equipment is designed to survive wet industrial environments such as a meat processing facility. Most importantly motor torque-brake, e-stop, no pinch points, non-slip surfaces, and grate latches safeguard employees.