Sanitizing mats for boots and workshoes

A simple solution for a hygienic entryway. Made of durable and tough polypropylene and needle felt material, sanitizer mats absorb and contain the sanitizer solution which is then consumed as personnel walk over the mat. Refreshment is necessary as soon as there is no liquid visible whithin the mat.

Surface Material: Polypropylene
High liquid absorption
Locks in moisture
UV resistent
Detergent resistent
Max temp: melting point of polypropylene
Min temp: freezing point of liquid used in mat

6 standard sizes

TypeVersionDimensions L x W x H (mm)Item No.
DM-IWalkable (standard)600 x 900 x 1599100077
DM-IIWalkable (standard)1200 x 900 x 1599100081
DM-IIIWalkable (standard)1500 x 900 x 1599100082
DM-IVWalkable (standard)1800 900 x 1599100083
DM-VWalkable (standard)2400 x 900 x 1599100085
DM-VIWalkable (standard)3000 x 900 x 1599100084