Roll-in-rack washer

Capacity – approximately 8-12 batches per hour, dependant on the degree of soiling.

Large washroom with 63-inch platform diameter, accommodates different items to be washed. Platform rotates 2.5 to 3 times per minute.

Washing system is 100 % self-cleaning

“Crossflow”, self cleaning, round hole nozzle pipes with drive provides intensive wash with low chemical consumption.

Large-volume wash tank made of 4-6 mm stainless-steel sheet (content approx. 1,000 ltr.) with large filter surface.

Tank heating – 20 kW electrical heating or direct / indirect steam heating.

2 EDUR washing pumps with 7.5 kW output each, high volume and pressure.

Integrated exhaust on the machine roof – 1,500m³ at 500 Pa.

Machine housing – double-walled, soundproof, heat insulated, completely welded single piece.

Stainless steel door, double-walled with 3 tumblers and safety switch monitoring.

Rotary plate with drive for centrifugal drying (KWA-UDT-Dry)

Installation options: pit, floor with an infeed slope, or at floor level with stand-alone tank and sump pump.

TypeCetrifuge DryingDimensions L x W x H (mm)Item No.
KWA-UDTNoB 2530 x T 1858/ 3075 x H 2475/ 3000 mm11100291
KWA-UDT DryYesB 2530 x T 1858/ 3075 x H 2475/ 3000 mm11100292