Combination hygiene station

Combiclean-Control combines hand sanitizing with locking turnstile and footwear soles-only or boot cleaning and sanitizing into one integrated system. After hand sanitizing turnstile unlocks allowing employee entrance into production area. System has separate entrances for boot or work shoes.

Brush cycle time is adjustable between 1 and 10 seconds
Data collection capability
LED signals lock or unlock, fill level and malfunction
Hygienic design, 304 Stainless Steel construction
Tool-less removable brushes for easy clean and inspection
Long-life wear resistant components
IP-65 wash-down protection

TypeVersionBrush lengthDimensions W x D x H (mm)Item No.
Combiclean-Control 1900-RightPass through from rigth to left700 mm2505 x 1350 x 180011100752
Combiclean-Control 1900-LeftPass through from left to right700 mm2505 x 1350 x 180011100753
Combiclean-Control 2300-RightPass through from rigth to left1100 mm2905 x 1350 x 180011100754
Combiclean-Control 2300-LeftPass through from left to right1100 mm2905 x 1350 x 180011100755
Combiclean-Control 2700-RightPass through from rigth to left1600 mm3305 x 1350 x 180011100756
Combiclean-Control 2700-LeftPass through from left to right1600 mm3305 x 1350 x 178511100757