Locker Room Equipment

Wall or floor mount boot and workshoe storage racks and recirculated warm air boot dryers. Capacity up to 60 pairs.

Heavy duty wire mesh shelf. Removable debris tray. Sanitary 304 stainless-steel construction. Up to 25 compartments. 

Glove Dryers and Storage

Wall or floor mount glove storage racks and recirculated warm air glove dryers. Capacity up to 30 pairs.

Smock Storage

Wall or floor stand racks for smock storage. Up to 60 smock sections. All 304 stainless-steel construction.

Apron Storage

Wall or floor stand mount. Heavy duty, tubular, 304 stainless-steel construction.  Up to 40-inch sections.

Wall Brackets

Wall mount brackets for bump caps, earmuffs, smocks, etc. Up to 45-inch sections.

Cube Lockers

304 stainless-steel or coated steel industrial cube lockers. 3 to 6 tiers, 1 to 4 wide. Wall or floor mount.

Storage Cubes

Wall mount storage cubes for visitors, PPE etc. Solid stainless-steel wire mesh. Up to 6 cube sections.

UV-C Sterilization Locker

2 UV-C germicidal lamps per compartment ensure complete sterilization.

Stainless Steel Lockers

Single tier, two tier and Z shaped lockers. All 304 stainless-steel construction.

Coated Steel Lockers

Single tier, two tier and Z shaped lockers. Coated steel construction. Available in 24 colors.

Space Saving Lockers

Space saving single tier up to 8 wide sections. 6-inch wide compartments. All stainless steel construction

Cell Phone Lockers

Small item storage such as a cell phone. 30 or 40 compartment sections. Floor mount.

Laundry Cupboards

Single up to 20 compartement laundry cupboard. Central door with lock. Stainless-steel construction.

PPE Cabinet

4 storage shelves for disposable PPE such as lab coats, hair nets, etc. Telescoping garbage bag holder.


Stainless-steel, plastic and coated steel benches. With or without integrated shoe compartments.