Protein Processing Equipment Sterilizing

Quickly clean and sterilize protein processing equipment. Eliminate up to 99.99% of harmful pathogens.

Econoliser Twin knife sterilizer

Econoliser Electric Sterilizers

Save up to 95% in operating costs vs. conventional systems.

Quickly sterilize knives, carcass splitters, brisket saws, hock cutters, meat trimmers and hooks. Customized systems available on request.

DSB-IV knife sterilizer basin

Knife and sharpening steel sterilizer basin. Hot water or chemical sterilization.

MKRM thermal knife cleaning and disinfection

Knife and sharpening steel baskets, top load cleaning and sterilizing machines. 

Steri-King knife sterilizer

Knife and sharpening steel automatic hot water sterilizer. up to 300 baskets per hour.

SSR-H steel apron washer

Hot water and high pressure cleaning and sterilizing. 10 to 15 second cycle times.

RSB band saw cleaning and disinfecting

Hot water band saw blade sterilizer

MK-10-2-1 knife basket

Knife, sharpening steel and glove basket. Polished stainless-steel construction.

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