Knife disinfection basin

Double walled
Overflow drain
Wall Mount
Supplied assembled and ready for installation
304 Stainless Steel construction with sanitary welds

Type DSB-IV HL, DSB-l Ecoline and DSB-ll Ecoline include:
Heating element cover plate
Safety switch

TypeCapacityVersionL x W x H (mm)Item No.
DSB-IV HL4 KnivesElectric Heating260 x 200 x 63012000076
DSB-K4 Knives, 2 Sharpening SteelsHot Water Supply/Chemicals206 x 170 x 335/59512000047
DSB-MB/K4 knives/ 2 sharpeners/ 1 CleaverHot Water Supply/Chemicals375 x 225 x 580/ 84012000247
DSB-l Ecoline4 Knives, 2 Sharpening SteelsElectric Heating200 x 160 x 35012000008
DSB-ll Ecoline4 Knives, 2 Sharpening SteelsElectric Heating375 x 225/ 260 x 58012000031