Knife and Tool Sterilizers

Save up to 94% in operating costs vs. continuous flow hot water sterilizers!

Econolizer knife and tool sterilizers quickly sterilize protein processing tools such as knives, brisket saws, carcass splitters, dehiders, hock cutters and meat trimmers. Eliminates up to 99.99% of harmful pathogens. 

Econoliser Twin knife sterilizer

Knife Sterilizer

Brisket Saw Sterilizer

Brisket Saw Sterilizer

Carcass Splitter Sterilizer

Carcass Splitter Sterilizer

Econoliser Whizard Trimmer Sterilizer

Meat Trimmer Sterilizer

Econoliser hock cutter sterilizer

Hock Cutter Sterilizer

Econoliser knife sterilizer spray nozzles

Custom Sterilizers

Cost Savings Calculator Spreadsheet

Econoliser benefits vs. continuous flow hot water sterilizer basins

– Up to a 94% reduction in water and energy use
– Does not require a hot water supply
– Only 4ozs of 180 deg F water used per sterilization cycle
– Only uses water during strilization cycle
– Safer, will not scald employees
– Knives and tools are left cleaner as there is no scum buildup
– Knives and tools do not lose sharpness due to constant heat in hot water
– Releases virtually no steam

USDA-FSIS information

180° F water is required for sanitizing equipment used during livestock carcass dressing procedures.

Establishments are required to maintain equipment and utensils in a sanitary condition so as not to adulterate product, 9 CFR 416.3, and to clean and sanitize that equipment and utensils as frequently as necessary to prevent adulteration, 9 CFR 416.4(a). 

When dressing livestock carcasses that are affected by any disease condition mentioned in 9 CFR 311.16, 9 CFR 311.16(b) requires sanitization of equipment using hot water at a minimum of 180° F.

CFR 416
CFR 311

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