Sanitation Equipment

Industrial sanitation equipment for knives, chain gloves, steel aprons, plastic crates and trays

Clean and disinfect knives and sharpening steels. Disinfection basins, manual load machines and automatic conveyor systems. 2 stage clean and disinfect.

Clean and disinfect chain gloves and steel aprons with high-pressure water jets and disinfectant. Completely removes meat particles and residue.

Clean and disinfect plastic crates and trays. 2 zone clean and disinfect. Up to 500 crates per hour. Constructed of corrosion resistant 304 Stainless Steel.

Industrial Sanitation Equipment:

Industrial sanitation equipment used to clean and disinfect knives, sharpening steels, chain gloves, steel aprons, plastic crates and trays. All equipment is constructed of corrosion resistant 304 stainless-steel. 2 stage operation; 1st stage wash with cleaning agent and or high-pressure jets, 2nd stage disinfects with 185 deg-F hot water and or disinfectant.